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Dylan and I received our Mr. Beer home brewing kit and we’re wasting no time starting our first batch. The kit we got will make 2 gallons of the West Coast Pale Ale.

This article is not meant to teach you how to brew beer. Rather, it is our experience with making our own beer at home, using the beer kit we got for a great price online (thanks, Dylan!), and a way to share the things we learn about this craft.

So let’s get this party started!


An important note about this step is that you should sanitize all the equipment you’ll use, so it’s a good idea to gather up your tools. For this job, in addition to what came with the kit, we need:

  • metal whisk
  • stainless 1-cup measuring cup
  • manual can opener
  • small saucer


The hardest part of this step is stirring The Booster until it is completely dissolved. It took longer than I expected. Dylan and I took turns stirring with the whisk. It’s a powder that turns into clear crystals when you add it to the water. Stir, stir, stir.

To finish the “wort,” boil the solution and then stir in the Hops & Malt Extract, which is a thick liquid that comes in a can. Heating the can in hot water makes it easier to pour. This is also where you add the magical ingredient – yeast.


The instructions say to let your beer sit a minimum of 7 days, up to 14 days for better flavor, in a cool, dark place. We chose a small cabinet in our kitchen above the sink.


My first thoughts of home brewing is that it’s a lot like chemistry! It seems to be a cross between science, cooking, and crafting. It reminds me of growing peppers – you sew your seeds and wait to see what happens, and then you get to taste your efforts in the end.

See you in 7 days, and we’ll check our beer for cloudiness and give it a taste. In the meantime, check out the pictures below of us making our first batch.


After 7 days we tasted the beer and decided to let it sit for another 7 days for a total of 2 weeks. Then we bottled up the beer into the plastic quart bottles included in the kit. The fermentation barrel has a handy spigot that made bottling so easy. We stored the bottles in the same cool, dark cabinet. Now we wait for another 7-14 days.


After the beer sat at room temperature for about 2 weeks, we moved it to the refrigerator to chill for 2 more days. And just like that we were home brewers!

It takes patience so I just had to close the cabinet and forget about it. I marked the days on my calendar so I wouldn’t completely forget. The experience was really fun! The beer was not great, but we had the cheapest kit on the market. You kinda get what you pay for, which is about the same with anything in life I suppose.

I highly recommend brewing at home. It’s fun! And it’s an awesome feeling to drink the beer that you made yourself.

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